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How do I sign up for the Classes?
Please sign up on our Registration Form by Clicking Here
This link is for EVERY class at the studio
In the event of a problem with the link, please copy & paste this webpage. 

You will then be sent two emails. One for the registration fee and the current months fees depending where we are in the month and a second email for the subscription payments going forwards.  

What are the Registration Fees for the Dance Classes?

From January 2017 there is a £10 Registration Fee per family for all new members to the TDS Dance/Performance Classes. This should be paid upfront with the first month's standing order. (First class is still free). 

In the unlikely event you want to leave our sessions no refund will be given on the registration fee. If you then re-join within 6 months they'll be no fee.

What should my child wear for class?

We ask all participants to attend in comfortable clothing. (joggers/leggings/tshirt)

Dancers & Kickboxers will need bare feet or grip socks. 

Gymnasts bare feet. 

Cheerleaders - clean trainers with grips on the bottom


 Jewellery must be removed before sessions (stud earrings are ok).


After 4 / 5 weeks of attending we ask you purchase the uniform for whichever specific class they attend.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

We don't currently offer sibling discounts for the regular classes as we offer very good competitive value for money sessions.


Discounts are available at set times of the year for events such as the two-day half term workshops. If you purchase more than one KickBoxing license at the same time you will also receive a discount. 

What are your term dates?

Our classes run throughout the year including most of the school holidays. We close for the last two weeks of August and two weeks at Christmas.

We run Holiday Clubs during all of the half terms please keep an eye on our social media pages for up to date information regarding this.

Are we allowed to watch?

Unfortunately we don't allow parents to sit in during the sessions. There is only sufficient space for the attendees of each class.

There are some exceptions to the rule such as "Stay & Play" where grown ups are an integral part of the session. 

What is your Covid policy?

Our full Covid policy, including the additional safety measures we've put in place are listed on our Studio Policies Document. This can be downloaded from our Registration Form via this Coacha link. 


Are your teachers qualified?

All of our teachers are fully qualified, insured, have enhanced DBS checks, are first aid trained and have years of experience in the field they teach. Several of our coaches are also mental health first aid trained. 

How do I order the uniform?
Uniform is available to purchase from our online shop.
Please click here
Orders must be paid for in full before they are processed and take between 2-4 weeks. Collection is from your class teacher. 
Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


You can join any of our classes at any point throughout the year and we'll adjust the monthly payments accordingly. 

Do your classes run throughout the school holidays? 
Our classes run throughout the year including most of the school holidays. We close for the last two weeks of August and two weeks at Christmas.
We run Holiday Clubs during all of the half terms please keep an eye on our social media pages for up to date information regarding this.
I have no previous experience is this ok?
That is absolutely fine! You don't need any prior experience to join any of our classes. 
What happens at the Awards Night at the end of the year?
The Awards Night is one of our biggest events of the Calendar Year! All of the Classes hard work culminates in an Award Ceremony and a family party that is always the last Saturday evening before Christmas! Every child will receive their certificate for being part of TDS for the year. There are also the presentations for each category including Star KickBoxer, Star of Gymnastics, 100% attendance medals and Dancer of the Year. Often on the night we have raffles & free prize draws, kids games, bingo, a visit from Santa and a family disco til late. 
I have additional needs, can I attend the session?
We welcome people from all backgrounds and abilities into our studio and will work around you to suit your needs. 
Do you provide drinks?

We have a small tuck shop where drinks can be purchased. Please bring the correct change. (20p/50p)


How do we sign up for any of the Recreational Classes? 
Please see the Sign Up link for the studio to the left of this page. 
How do we sign up for a competition team?
We have several competition teams across both Cheerleading & Dance. Please speak to your class teacher for details. 
How early do I need to arrive for the Showcase?
A few weeks before the showcase a Parent Pack will be sent out stating the arrival times for the specific Performance Groups. It often goes in order of age, with the older participants arriving first and the younger children shortly before the show begins. 
How many tickets can I have for the Showcase and when do they go on sale?
Tickets for the Showcase go on sale 4-8weeks prior to the performance and depending on what kind of venue it is. There is no limit on how many tickets you can purchase but they are First Come First Served and No tickets will be "reserved".  
What do my children wear in the Showcase?
Costume letters will be sent out anywhere between 4-8 weeks prior to the performance. We do try to keep Costume costs down to a minimum and often promote sharing, swapping and helping others out by re-using costumes older dancers have grown out of. 
Are the showcases filmed and can I purchase the DVD?

The Summer showcase is always filmed and DVD's are available to purchase from our online shop.

Collection is from the studio. 


What are the Registration Fees for KickBoxing?

We are a member of Cobra Martial Arts Association and the annual fees must be paid within the first 3 weeks of you joining. The membership is £20 and is a one-time payment. The license fee is £15 and is renewed annually. It lasts 12 months from the date you joined (e.g June to June) Both of these must be paid together. There are discounts available for siblings / family members. Please see your Coach for details.

How does my child grade in KickBoxing?

We've now moved over onto a Progressive Grading System which means the children are graded as they learn in class. This is a highly affective way of grading and ensures we constantly achieve the best from the children in every class. Once they are near the next belt the grading fee (£20) all be requested from the parent. 

What do they wear? 

Initially a pair of leggings / t-shirt will be fine, we do ask that you purchase the TDS Gym Uniform after 4 weeks. As the gymnast progresses leotards are a necessity. 

Do you offer any Badge Schemes?

Yes, since BG have now ceased their Badge Scheme we have created our own bespoke Badge Scheme.

Our gymnasts will work towards skills in the following areas - 

Strength & Condition



Tumbling Skills

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